Oversized bushings.

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Jan 3, 2003
I am doing a frame off on a 73 fj40 and I had the frame capped and the shackle hanger for the rear put in the frame(shackles hang off frame) WHen the guy did it he used 1" iron pipe instead of the proper piece for a sleeve so now the standard bushings don't fit. I believe the bushings are .950 and the pipe is 1.095 so the bushings are basically 1/8 too small. I have looked around for larger bushings but not much luck.
My 2 choices are currently:
Have some bushings made to fit
Have a sleeve machined to fit.

Any info would be greatly appreciated as to what else I might use or if there is a bushing some one knows of that would fit. I can't be the only one to have done this before...oh yes I could.
If you cannot find bushings H E R E then I would look at having a sleeve made.

Good luck!


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