Overnight Harrison Lake picnic

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Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
It was too good a thread title to pass up, thanks Glen! mostly 'cuz it's true ;)

I didn't use my solar panel, and forget to pack the grey poupon though.

A great way to spend a rainy Fathers Day weekend. We were going to head out Friday after work, but the weather forecast sucked, so we didn't. The kids on the other hand insisted we go, so we packed up and went. It didn't take a lot of arm twisting for me, :princess: a little more so.

Hale seemed like the best bet, what with that superb shelter and all the rain. It was surprisingly busy down there; One group camped at the rocky point, one at the beach, and us somewhat dry under the cedars by the river.



The lake is the highest I've ever seen it, and still rising. The guys camped on the beach woke up with water under their tent, and went they went to bed the water line was a foot or so away apparently.
The river is under cutting the bank quite a bit near the camp site we were at, with a large cedar soon to fall over in it. I would advise against trying to cross it ;)
I'm not sure when the last time I was up at Hale, didn't seem like that long ago, but we almost missed the turn off as the north side of the FSR, by the Lookout Lake turn off, has been clear cut. The easy road down to Hale also has lots of flagging tape indicating it is soon to fall also.
Some yahoo chopped down a tree on the rock point, but otherwise the site is in decent shape. The garbage bins were full, and there was only one fire ring that I could see in the tent sites under the trees.



Great Pics

Great Pics Jeff!

My daughter and I camped at Manning this weekend (our fourth annual father-daughter Father's Day camping weekend). Less rain than here I heard but we still had our share of it.

Had some fun with archery (15 min bow and arrow!) and geocaching at night (small reflectors someone put on the trees to guide you to the geocache, very cool).

The Similkameen River rose a foot in the time we were there as well.

Yes its the warmest November I can remember - oh its June!
Nice report Jeff - Looks like the kids enjoyed themselves and that is what counts.

I assume the shelter has no evidence of vandalism - yet.
Must have just missed you, Jeff. Daryl, Paul and his boys, and me and the kids were up at Hale on Saturday for a day trip. We managed to enjoy our lunch break without any rain. Got soaked airing up and down at Weaver Creek though...


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