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May 28, 2005
this is sort of scary--never done it before.
hello- new to this forum, but a long time lurker. wanted to junp in but the hard part is picking a (cute) name. will work on that.

anyway, friend has a 76-40 and an orion in the box next to it.2f+h-42+4.11. i am only an advisor (big word) since he works and i can lurk all day.
have searched and read all i can find on the orion install.
#1- leaks- do not trust AA idler shaft o'ring install. some have said dry/broken,etc. easy fix right?

#2- jumps out of gear-no definitive answer that i can find-just opinions. should the hi/lo shift collar always be replaced? just in case? if that is the case what is the part #. also saw reference to adjusting the (detent) shaft .040 one way or the other that i did not get.

#3 any other ideas? i like texicans (i think) idea of dropping the rear engine mts for clearance on removable.

p.s. i havent had this much fun in a while- love youalls ideas and chat! still no cute name.

p.s.2 i may be weird, but would rather be a builder than a driver, althought i i am not good at either. :beer: :beer:


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Feb 4, 2005
Seattle, USA
Hi All:

Welcome aboard "MADoc1"

I have two buddies that own an Orion t-case - one still has it still in the box, awaiting more info, while the other has had it in his truck for about 6-8 months - helped him install it in early December 2004.

Never heard anything about leaks, but the shifter issue is definitely an issue!

Best of luck to you!




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Jun 2, 2004
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I got you covered....

#1 If the idler came installed, best not to chance it and redo it. Mine hasn't leaked at all.

#2 Just ordered the detent ball and a new high low shift collar from CDan, I'll post the part numbers when they arrive.

#3 Just pulled the rear engine mounts to drop the Orion. I can take all the pics you request.

Not sure if you caught the bearing preload threads in the beginning but you really need to be careful setting up the bearing preload. The FSM is correct and has all the info you need in it.

The casting process leaves a lot of metal in the case. Make sure to clean your case before you assemble it.

The MTF is a lower viscosity and should reduce some of the gear wine. I used it for breakin and then switched to syn 90weight just 'cause. You can do what you prefer. The instruction .pdf says the opposite.

Download the most current .pdf from the AA website. Throw away the one you have now.

Just for the peeps running non OEM transmissions (SM465/SM420) with a plate style adapter. The splines on the AA provided input gear are 1/4" less than OEM. It is a good idea to run a spacer anyways but you have to run a spacer with the Orion input gear.
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May 28, 2005
thx for the responses alan and treeroot. treeroot, for clarification, do or not check idler o'rings? and yes did read the thread about preload and do have an inchpound wrench. again thx


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