Original Dunlop Snow Cruiser Tire

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Apr 8, 2009
Western Carolina
I got one of these on my spare that is in good condition. What is the going rate for it? I doubt i'll use it as I switched to 33's and that would look funny. Any ways it is taking up space in my garage and would much rather use the money and let someone who is looking for it take it, just wanna know what is fair market value...
If not dry rotted (even a little) and still has the 'nubbies' on it, it's worth about the same as a new similar tire.

I sold mine to someone here that was in very nice condition for about $60 plus shipping.
I had one on 'mud classified for a year and no one ended up taking it.

"Value is in the eye of the beholder"

btw, it would be extremely dangerous, and very likely illegal everywhere, to run one of these with the rest as radial tires. NEVER mix bias ply and radial, EVER!! Not even as a spare for temporary use.

I have a set of Super Swamper TSL's which are bias ply and I switch everything including the spare when I run them. I switch everything back when I go back to the radial AT's.

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