Oregon Electric Chainsaw

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Tho at sumbitch in ayer!
Mar 16, 2003
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
There was a write up in one of the Petersons Publications regarding how well it worked on the trail. It was a tool that they were really not used to so the write up was vague.

How does a 40V chainsaw run on 36volts?

The down side is the re-charge time of the batteries.

Here is another possible option for him. STIHL MSA 160 C-BQ Lithium-Ion Chain Saw - Lightweight Chainsaws | STIHL USA

The $100 rebate is good for the USA, I'm not sure about Canada.
That is probably a better quality saw also, both of us already run Stihl. Thanks Dan, I'll give him the info and let him decide, hes got money burning holes in his pockets to get a new saw.

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