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Feb 9, 2008
Northern CA
I want to take the family to Disneyland (460 miles away) this weekend on my 94 Land Cruiser which has 194k miles. I know I need to do a front axle job since I can feel something clicking while making left turns. Other than that, everything is else good. Replaced the radiator and the heater hose is still good. Now, here's my question: Should I take the Land Cruiser or should I put down some cash and rent a minivan? The only thing I worry about is the head gasket thing. Please, your opinions....


Aug 31, 2004
Chandler, AZ
- Even though you will probably not be turning sharply a lot in your 1,000 mile journey, I would hesitate to put much more stress on a clicking birfield
- As wonderful as our Land Cruiser are, a minivan would be quieter, smoother, have more creature comforts, and probably be safer (air bags everywhere, skid control, better brakes, etc)
- You could probably fund one day of the rental by what you will save in gas

So the minivan is not a bad choice at all.

And by the way, you can't live your life in fear of a headgasket failure!

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