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May 8, 2008

Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber,

Only Two Days Left to Comment on Salmon-Challis NF Travel Plan DEIS

This morning, I received an email from an Idaho member asking me to resend just the Action Alert section from our Important Idaho Land Use Update & Alert we sent out this last weekend, to all our Idaho subscribers. He also asked that I include a link to this alert.

I pasted the alert below and here is the link.

Thank you in advance for your action on this important matter,
Ric Foster
Public Lands Department Manager
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 107


The Salmon-Challis National Forest (SCNF) is conducting summer only travel planning and OHV route designation on 3.1 million acres of National Forest System (NFS) lands. The SCNF is home to world-class recreation trail systems providing a variety of trails for non-motorized and motorized uses. The SCNF has put together five different alternatives, none of which provide an adequate trail system.

Please take a close look at the travel plan maps HERE to see how your favorite routes would be impacted. If you have any route-specific information, PLEASE email the Forest Service BEFORE November 25, 2008

Also, below is a quick and easy 3-step comment letter. Just follow our instructions.

I want to again give another big fat thank you to all the guys who took the time to go over the maps. The route-specific suggestions made by Bill Dart, Clark Collins, Mike Jeffords and Dan Thompson were excellent. Kudos also to the guys and gals at the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.


NOTE: Please be polite and make your comments as specific as possible.

STEP 1: Open your email program and start a draft email. Address it to Put Travel Planning DEIS in the subject line.

STEP 2: Use the comments below in your email. Cut and paste is okay, but try to make your comment letter as personal as possible. Please include a quick sentence or two about how much your family enjoys OHV recreation here in Idaho. Also, please include any route-specific information that you have from looking at the maps.

STEP 3: Be certain to include your name and address. A return email address is NOT sufficient! ("anonymous" emails are often discarded), Then click "send" and you're done!


The off-highway vehicle community generally supports the "travel limited to designated roads, trails and areas" paradigm. What the OHV community does not support is being presented with a "range" of management alternatives which all represent a significant reduction in OHV opportunity. Neither the letter nor spirit of the Travel Management Rule limits the Forest to an aggressive closure plan. Yet all of the "action" Alternatives in the DEIS offer little more than that.

One of the key flaws is not considering how the routes are used as a system. The alternatives have inconsistent route designations across ranger district boundaries that eliminate popular looping opportunities. The result is that no matter which alternative is selected the OHV system ends up being effectively gutted. When formulating a final plan, I suggest the agency begin with Alternative 4 and modify it to maximize loop opportunities.

There is no need for limiting dispersed camping via this travel plan. This DEIS has not adequately disclosed and analyzed the recreational value of existing campsites or accurately estimated the impacts of their closure. I support the continuance of the "300-foot" rule for all designated roads and trails with the possible exception of the Salmon River Road.

I strongly support the designation of the Lola Creek Trail #42. This trail links the Cape Horn area north of Stanley over to Bull Trout Lake, and allows a big loop ride using Bench Creek and Trap or Swamp Creek trails.

I strongly oppose the elimination of every motorcycle single track trail in the Sawmill Canyon area on the Lost River RD. Please designate every one of the trails currently open, including Snowbank # 076, Bear Canyon # 080, Iron Creek # 078, Slide Creek # , Trail # 081 & 076.

I recommend that the Forest simplify the "season of use" restrictions and modify the definition of an ATV to allow side-by-side seating and steering wheel controls.

Any portion of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDNST) which is currently available for motorized use should remain so


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