omg just found out about this in SANTA BARBARA COUNTY

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Apr 24, 2009
24-28 County Ordinance: Motor Vehicle​

Nuisance on Unimproved Property: Protects
against motor vehicle nuisance in the unincorporated
areas of the county that exist in close proximity to
residential areas, whether public or private. This
protects climatic and geological conditions and
sensitive habitats on unimproved lands.​

24-29 County Ordinance: Use of Motor
Vehicles on Unincorporated Real Property:​
Unlawful to use motor vehicles on unincorporated real
property without permission of land owner. Does not
apply to motor vehicles for agricultural or government
24-30 County Ordinance: Violations; Penalties:​
Any person in violation of these sections shall be
deemed guilty of an infraction, punished by a fine of
$100 for the first offense or $200 for a second violation
within one year. Any third violation within one year
shall constitute a misdemeanor and shall be punishable​
by a fine of $1,000 or six months in jail, or both.

I want to fight this what can I do??? Am I screwed? I have been offroading in the santa ynez river my whole life and I cannot believe this, they are enforcing this on ATV's!!! Any one ever deal with something like this before?

welcome newbie.

Unfortunately, most folks such as yourself do not get active until its too late. But don't fret, soon everyone will be in your shoes.

I strongly encourage you to financially support open access organizations such as Blue Ribbon Coalition. These folks are our friends and work hard towards our goal of open access; however, they require money to fight the good fight.

Matter of fact, I'm looking at their banner as I type this...

Additionally, I suggest you look at your next favorite area to ride because it is most likely threatened also.

sorry for your lose.

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