OMEGP1 too long?

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Jul 4, 2006
For the last couple of month my truck been having some serious quick quick sound issue.. I eventually found that the leaf were moving left and right in the spring hanger on the frame (front). Seemed the pin from OME were to long and bushing and leaf were moving side to side. So i took a 5/8" washer that is 1/32" too tight to fit over the pin but is about 1/16" smaller then the large hole on the leaf hanger. So i drilled the washer, slide it over the OME pin and reinstalled it. Now the leaf bushing is tight and no more sweaking!!!! Don't know if anyone with a OME lift has this syndrome but a 5/8" washer is your fix. Feels like a whole new truck now.!! :bounce2:

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