OME 850J spring install>>> A vs B spring

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I just read on slee's site that the A spring is for the Austrailian drivers side. so that would tell me that it's probably a slightly stiffer rate. So that makes me think that it should go on my drivers side to match. However, the article then said that it would go on the passenger side and the B on the DS.

It doesn't make sense to me. does anyone know the difference?
Here's my thread with the same issue, basically, and solution.

Mine was installed when I bought the truck and the truck leaned. Swapped the A spring to US Passenger Side and the truck sits level. Put the A spring on the US Passenger Side, which would be the same side as the Australian Driver Side.

The driver sitting in the truck really doesn't make any difference, according to my experience.

Hope that helps!

I just finished my 2.5" lift yesterday and had the same questions. Install the "A" springs on the R-side (while sitting in it facing frorward of course). Disregard all other comments. My truck is level left to right . It has a bit of stink bug now but is not loaded down yet.

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