oldie but a newbie

Mar 30, 2006
Praying for surf ...
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Lurking for a year or so ....

1993 FJZ80. Short version: Bought it in 2000, sold it in 2004, bought it back this weekend, now it's mine forever.

167k, factory elockers, OME 2.5" heavies (850/863), 1.5" spacer up front. ARB, Hanna sliders (I'll be looking forward to a Hanna rear bumper one of these days), 15" black rock crawlers running 33" BFG ATKO, CDL, George's LEDs, custom pinstiping, and other stuff I can't really remember ...

For those that know me, hello. To those that don't, hello just the same. It's nice to be back among Cruiser folks.


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