Old Tires?

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Rollin’ on 33s
Jun 2, 2004
Port Washington, NY / Edgartown, MA
How long they good for? I think I know the answer to this, but I've been riding my Masi Special Fixed to work and no longer ride my GT Avalanche much anymore.

It's been modified to no end, but I've been running Specialized Fat Boy slicks at 100 psi for road stuff.

I want to explore the trails in Prospect Park and my MTB tires are old...

Front one in mint condition has over 10 years on it, the rear, not so old.

I should just get a new set of tires, or I'm thinking wheel set to swap if the memory on the drivetrain isn't a big deal.

I'm a big believer in ride it 'till it breaks.

Why replace the wheel set over just the tires?
Oh wow, there's a blast from the past. Hi Chris!
I see from your sig that your life - and your rigs - have changes a bit from when TAC was first formed.
check the sidewalls to see if they're cracked if so i'd replace them for your own safety; you might also consider the that tires rubber hardens or break down and softens with time!!! check out nashbar.com for some good tire deals. good luck keep the rubber side down!! :clap:
Ten year old tires? I'd chuck them and spring for new ones as both the tread and rubber technology has come a long way. Surely, you'll notice the difference and have a more enjoyable ride.
tires are still good long after they look bad. use it until your getting flats every ride or you can visibly see your tube underneath

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