Old arb bumper different?

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Sep 16, 2004
Boulder CO
So, digging around on craigslist and a ARB for sale pops up on the list. Well, he has is listed for $150. I am thinking he is talking about a brush guard so I have him send me a picture. Turns out, it's a arb winch bumper in PERFECT sape with all hardware. So I am not dumb, I am picking it up today for $150. I was trying to ask myself why would he ask so low if it's all there. Regardless, were there any changes in style? It looked the same. I think he said it's 6-4 years old and spent the last 4 in the basement of his house.
I'm the third owner of my 80 and the first buyer put the arb winch bumper on. The only thing I've noticed is my bumper only has one antenna/light mount on the brush guard. I've seen newer one's that have two.
There -was- an industrial version of the 80 bullbar. The quick way to tell the difference is to look for the cut out vent/slit on the bottom edge. If there is a long horizontal slit/air vent there, then you have the non-industrial version. Don't panic if the vent is there. This is the bumper most of us have.

I have heard that the industrial version has problems fitting some of the winches that mount up in a non-industrial bar. YMMV.
conversely, IIRC (somebody correct me if wrong) the economy bar can handle the 8274 winch. A + in some folks' eyes.
I think the sides are different too to match or not with the flares, IIRC.
WOW. Picked it up today. It's the regular version in perfect shape. Thanks so much guys....just hard to think deals like this really happen. $150 out the door.

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