oil pressure guage

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Feb 3, 2008
well i went mobil one 10-30 two weeks ago, it ate a guart in two weeks, i replenished it, but now the oil pressure guage fluctuates wildly , a smidge above the 75 percent mark upon startup, high idle of course,:cool: then after running down the highway for 10 miles, it settles down to mid or 50 percent, sometimes dropping to low 25 percent, is this the norm, 1994 fj 80 unlocked stock glock stickered montana backwoods cruiser, thanks alot folks
If it is dropping low at warm idle and running at least 50% at higher RPMs than yes normal, keep an eye on the oil gauge after warm up it should generally follow RPM, cold start it should be high.

If you are not hitting the 2/3 mark at cruise (2500+ RPM) you may want to consider a higher viscosity for the summer.

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