Oil Flow Test: Mobil 1 vs AMSOIL vs Royal Purple vs Walmart conventional

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Would be nice if the tests were on 0W-20 which we use in our trucks and included TGMO (Toyota Genuine Motor Oil) which is very highly regarded.



Find the specs for TGMO here: http://physics.usc.edu/Undergraduate/temporary/toyota_0W-20_msdn_vrd_0004740940mfv_0005160165.pdf

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What about once it reaches operating temperature?

From everything I've read I'm a big fan of Quaker State's 0W20 Ultra Durability full synthetic, though pretty much any API SN-rated is probably going to run the same in our engines for the first few hundred thousand miles. Then again, what the hell do I know.

This guy claims "The HIGHER the psi value, the BETTER the Wear Protection" - https://540ratblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/motor-oil-wear-test-ranking/
  • 0W20 Quaker State Ultimate Durability, API SN, synthetic (gold bottle) = 124,393 psi
  • 0W30 Amsoil Signature Series 25,000 miles, API SN synthetic = 105,008 psi
  • 0W20 Toyota Motor Oil, API SN, synthetic = 101,460 psi
  • 0W20 Mobil 1 Extended Performance, API SN, dexos 1 approved, synthetic = 100,229 psi
  • 0W20 Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy, API SN synthetic = 96,364 psi
  • 5W20 Royal Purple API SN synthetic = 90,434 psi
He also points out that more additives aren't necessarily better - i.e. some of the racing oils are extremely high additive and they will damage your engine if you don't change them every 500 miles (or less), not to mention potentially foul your cats.

PQI has oil analysis from new samples of pretty much every synthetic out there as well.

March 2013 - Test Results for AP
Petroleum Quality Intitute of America

There are a few new oil analysis that were done on the Toyota oil as well:

TGMO 0w20 full analysis here | Virgin Oil Analysis - PCMO/HDEO | Bob Is The Oil Guy
Toyota TGMO 0W-20 SN VOA with VI, TBN, and TAN | Virgin Oil Analysis - PCMO/HDEO | Bob Is The Oil Guy
Pretty good test. Hope I never have to start my car at -40 or -20.
Pretty good test. Hope I never have to start my car at -40 or -20.
We get a week every winter or two where the morning temps are around -20F and the daytime highs never reach zero. I'm sure there are places colder than Chicago, but when it gets that cold you can't believe there must be.
It never gets that cold here, but the test still illustrates flow characteristics at cold temperatures.
Only two oils out of the ones tested performed acceptably, IMO.
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