Officially a GX470 Owner now!

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Jan 6, 2017
Marietta, GA
I've been lurking around here for over 3 years while I have been in search of a GX that fit the bill. That search finally ended today...

I am the proud new owner of a 2004 GX470...Silver Pine with gray interior...113K on the clock. The dealer I bought it from did a bunch of work on it before I bought the plan right now is to drive it as-is until I start my actual build. Suspension is all new...and it feels amazing to drive this thing.


This place is an awesome resource...I've enjoyed it thus far, and I am sure I will enjoy it more as time goes forward now that I own a GX!
Congrats on the new ride!!! Those headlights and driving lights look brand new....

The headlights are not quite as good as they look in that picture truth be told. But they are in excellent condition for a 2004 model here in the hot South.
Congrats!! Love that color combo

I got exactly what I was looking for...silver with gray interior. I would have taken a couple of other combinations...but when this one came along, I had to at least look at it. Once I saw it...the rest is history.
Had my first issue with the new installed 4 new tires and TPMS sensors, but neglected to replace the sensor in the spare. $200 later (parts/labor/tax) it is fixed. That flashing light was making me crazy. Happy side effect is the mechanic reset the ECM while he was in there, and the GX has a whole lot more throttle response now. Whoever owned this before me must have driven like a total grandma/grandpa. Now it actually feels like it has a V8...

Otherwise...I love this big hulking beast. A build is coming...but given the price I paid and the number of new suspension parts installed before I bought it...I am leaving it bone stock for now and just enjoying the smoothness.
Oh man, those seats and wood paneling look great!

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