off center steering VGRS fix in '03 LX 470

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Oct 21, 2017
Fishers, IN
Please reference this video and comments.

My son brought his '03 LX 470 with 106K on the clock in for front bearings and brakes to a very reputable Toyota/Lexus independent shop in San Diego.
We also asked them to check the off center steering wheel, which has previously been looked at a Lexus dealership with little change. At first the shop suggested a new alignment, or maybe a problem with the rack despite sharing this YouTube video with them prior to service. We insisted that they run it through Techstream, and what do you know?? It worked!
Apparently, they had to search and select for either Lexus or Land Cruiser, ( I forget which). But, after the tech made the selection and followed the steps. Steering restored!

Please save yourself thousands of dollars perhaps with this simple test and reset.

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