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Looking for a new Cruiser
Dec 3, 2006
St.Louis/ Floyd, VA/ Phoenix AZ
2000 Model LC shocks used, about 99K miles on them, great shape, traded up to a stiffer suspension. These Shocks go for more than $100.00 New at the dealer and I have seen them make 200K on a fairly regular basis. Was in the dealer recently and a 2000 was getting his third timing belt at 275K with original suspension. I made the guy show me the files. He had everything. I was impressed.

My previous post was deleted for not posting a Price. So I am asking for $25.00 per shock or $100.00 for all four. The same cost of one new shock. When they go 200K then you have saved $300.00 for 100K in miles.
As always O.B.O.
I am in St.Louis MO.
I have more pics if needed. Please PM your Requests

I was told to use brake cleaner to clean these. Supposedly everything would just spray off and evaporate. Which it did, but left the white discoloration on the longer shocks. So I just used a windex wipe on the shorter shocks.
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