Odyssey 1700 battery

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Aug 3, 2008
Logan, UT
Just a quick comment on this battery. I needed to replace the Duralast Gold recently, and have had a PC1700 in my Trooper for about 7yrs now. As the poles are right, and I was not wanting to shell out for a Diehard Platinum P2 right now, I thought I would put it in the LX450. The gist of it is that 1) it fits, and 2) it doesn't fit.

I ended up needing to elevate the battery approx 1.75" to clear a drivers side bump in the battery area enclosure. I also could not use the factory tie down plate. Instead, we got alum L stock from Lowes and cut to about 13.5" and then drilled two holes for the tie down rods. This fit perfectly.

In case you are contemplating the PC1700 note that my Trooper has sat for many a month, in all weather of N. Idaho, and never failed to start. I see no end in sight for this battery in its new home. A darn good product.

The Odyssey batteries have up to a 10 year life expectancy and I've seen them go longer depending on how hard they were abused. This aspect alone makes them a great battery and inexpensive relative to their initial cost.

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