OCC Hot Springs, AR

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Those day in June are very difficult for me. Wont know until closer to that time but if I had to guess I would say that it not looking good. Plus its so dam hot that it makes camping a pain that time of year. Are you going to make the Gator event up here in September. The park is great and the weather should be perfect.
I made it out... great trip.

Weather couldnt have been better. Humidity was tolerable, and nights were below 70, very comfortable in a tent.

All in all, got over 200 pictures. Our main group was mostly AR-TTORA guys and some of my other close wheelin buddies:

2 early toyota pickups, 1 late 80's toyota pickup, 1 TJ Jeep, my FJZ80, and an 06 doublecab shortbox Taco.

Ended up throwing the timing chain off the later 80's pickup, and grenading the front axle on the TJ.

Spent Friday running 2's and 3's, friday night running 3's, saturday running 3's and mostly 4's, and sunday running a long 3. would post the trail names, but i have no idea.
OK... picture time. I figured might as well post here. now this is a complete dump of all the pics, so there may be some specific poser shots of rigs I took to give to people. If any of these pics are your rig, or you'd like a full size copy of any pic, dont hesitate to ask!














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