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Nov 21, 2006
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So I have been getting a CEL on my 99 recently.
I was at the dealership to get the code checked again..running lean I think it was ..suggested the MAF sensor as the source.
So using the links at the top of the 95+ section that Raydouble has so generously assembled I cleaned my MAF sensor today...holy hand grenades..this has got to be a must pm for anyone with one of these 3.4Litre's. Maybe the previous owner was running a K&N but if not and the buildup on the 3 wires in my MAF sensor is normal..then people need to do this.
Crisper throttle response, more snap etc etc. Maybe this is from cycling power/resetting the ECM but from the spin I just took this is a no brainer thing to do.
Wish I had done this way sooner. I think this is on my spring and fall check list for sure now!
1/2 hour first time through, a $6.50 can of CRC MAF cleaner and wow! 2 items most difficult is getting the boot off the air cleaner assembly to remove and on reassembly of the MAF sensor into I would wiggle the unit in compressing the oring until it is seated and then run the screws in and tighten them. Other than that the write up is excellent! Thanks
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