Newby needs emissions / exhaust help

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Apr 5, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
I just purchased a really cool 94 LC with all sorts of heavy duty off road equipment. The former owner just abandoned it and I got it at a city auction. Unfortunately, I've discovered that he removed the cat converter which is going to cause me issues here in Phoenix. I've looked at a Haynes book and it looks like there were two converters on it originally. Is that correct? If I temporarily replace the muffler with another converter, will it be super noisy? Any suggestions?
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I've got a thread going called "New EMS Powered Exhaust" that you should take a look at. I just needed to replace the 2 cats in my '94 since I had already replaced the header pipes and muffler not too long ago. But decided to replace the whole system instead and not worry about where the next failure was going to be...whole system will run about a grand but replacing just the cats is going to be half that anyway.

Here's the link:

Good luck!
1 3 way convertor will replace the 2 factory convertors. Many MUD members have used them with good success passing emissions. The MagnaFlow is quite popular, typically 94006.
Wow, I guess my cruiser did have two cats at one time. The exhaust has been joined into one pipe just after the branch where the O2 sensor is. That's the spot where the muffler is now and where I was thinking about inserting a cat instead. In fact, and this may not even make any sense, I have a cat off of a 93 Buick Roadmaster with the same pipe diameter that I was thinking of using. I figured if it worked for a big V8, it should do the same for a 6. Thank you both for the suggestions.

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