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Newbie Question

Mar 8, 2010
I am getting some conflicting info on the KDSS option. Can someone set me straight

1) KDSS is rare. You need to eyeball the actual suspension to figure out whether a gx has it
2) all sports packages have KDSS but sports packaged GXs are rare


1) KDSS is not rare; it is that adjustable ride comfort knob (next to the transmission shifter) that I've seen on every GX I've tested

Thanks in advance
Jul 8, 2006
To check for KDSS turn the key on and look for the KDSS light on the dash. If it is there and lit the GX has it. The ride comfort switch has nothing to do with KDSS, it's standard on all GX's.

It seems like most of the GX's with the sport package (black wood trim) came with the KDSS option, but some others may have it as well.

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