Newbie just bought a used winch - now what

Apr 14, 2008
North of LA California
I just purchased a used Warn M12000 winch. I have downloaded the user’s manual, spare parts list, and winching techniques manual. I am concerned about the mounting of the winch. I have an old ARB bumper and it says that it can hold an M10000 or an M12000. The Warn manual says to mount it onto a bumper that has a thinkness of 5/16” (0.3125”.) I don’t think that the ARB bumper is that thick. Are there any plates or modifications I need to make in order for the ARB bumper to handle the theoretical maximum of 12,000 lbs? I never plan to use it for that load as I would use a snatch block before that.

Is there good reading I should be doing to prepare myself to use the winch properly? My 4x4 club has a recovery day where techniques and practice are done so that’s a start. I found a nice article on pirate4x4 showing the multipliers to calculate the force needed to pull out a vehicle (i.e. mud and incline means multiply GVW by some number.) I understand common sense will go a long way but I believe that educating myself properly will also help me use it safely.

Any recommendations from the experienced winch users out there would be much appreciated. I have only been into offroading for a short period of time and I want to make sure I use the winch as a proper tool rather than some flashy toy I dangerously mess around with.

As a side note: I have already purchased a tree protector and snatch block. Warn says a choke chain should also be carried but when does carrying so many extras become too much?


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Feb 4, 2005
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Hi All:

Congrats on the purchase! :cheers:

I'd talk with the Warn customer service about what to evaluate on a used winch.

The ARB 60/62 Series winch bull bar will work fine. With this mount the winch is inside of the 'bar, then the bull bar is mounted onto the truck so if the winch needs any servicing it is much easier to do before installation.

You don't need a "choker chain." Go to the club recovery class and practice using the winch and other recovery gear.

Just remember to be safe when using the winch!




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Sep 21, 2003
you could read the recent thread in the 100 section on how to mount -or not- an M12 winch... that was interesting :)
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