Newbie Introduction and needing help

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Feb 24, 2007
Kyle, TX
I have lurked around this site for a couple of years and even asked a few questions (which were answered swiftly and accurately) so I thought it was time I introduced myself. I have a 75 FJ 40, well the body is a 75, the engine is late 77. It has been my daily driver for a couple of years now. I started out not knowing much about my cruiser but thanks to this site and lots of trials and errors, I'm actually starting to learn a few things. I've blown 3 head gaskets in the last 18 months, the last one only lasted about 300 miles before it went, so I decided I needed to do some further investigating rather than just keep replacing the gasket over and over. Come to find out the block was warped, so I decided to do a complete overhaul since I would have to strip it down to get it milled. So far so good. Well almost. The crank needed to be turned so I had it done and .30 for the mains. I can't find .30 mains anywhere. Even checked Specter and they said they had been back ordered for over a year. Help! I miss driving my cruiser and desperately need to get it going again. Does anyone know where I can find .30 main bearings? When I get the motor back, I will post pics of the rebuild. Wasn't thinking and didn't take any tearing it apart. Any how, thanks for the help and I'll post some pics as soon as I can.

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