Newbie here..

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May 11, 2010
Bend, OR
Hello all-

Entered the world of land cruiser ownership a few weeks ago. Of course, it's "the wife's", but as I'm chief maintenance officer I have some say in what is going to happen with it...

It's so cute and clean....... I'm in Portland. My brother lives in Bend. He has a super ugly FJ-55.

But really she looks nice, welcome....;)
Ah, a fresh canvas to paint on.....what are your plans for it?

Since you mention it, paint is in order. I hate the green (was every third cruiser made with this color or what?), but we're not in any hurry to decide on a color either.. I like black or dark blue.

I'm going to start off slow with this, new suspension (2.5" lift) and tires, some sort of rack, a few lights, and maybe an air compressor. All I really want to do is spend a few days with the family getting lost on some dirt roads from time-to-time. Never been a fan of the extreme stuff.
my eyes are on fire.
Nice rig...enjoy!
I've noticed this one for sale over in Portland for a while... :D

MY EYES! MY EYES! Oh, so painful.....

Black (no flames) is sharp.....and hard to keep clean ;)

I happen to know someone in the "rack business" (shameless plug) when you get ready to pull the trigger on one (

In the meantime, have fun getting to know your new rig! :cheers:
Are those flames from acceleration?

Enjoy the offroading prowness of your new cruiser.
Welcome :flipoff2:

Nice truck, I would say I like the color but since you don't like it my vote would be black, if I could go to white I would. I used to say the same thing about mods but it is getting a little crazy lately! Enjoy.
Thank you for the warm welcomes!

Blue or black would be MY preference, but I'll leave it to my wife to decide in the end. Both of us have decided we're going to pick from a list of Toyota OEM colors, but there may not be a decision made for several weeks.
Always been a Toyota family. We sold our Tacoma (bought new in '99) in order to buy both the Tercel wagon and the Land Cruiser. All the miles and abuse go on the Tercel (only has 77,000 miles!), we cherish the Land Cruiser.
Dear Dusty

You say that you'll take the mods slow - I know i did to then you start reading on MUD and you'll soon discover odd capabilities of this awesome rig. Then you'll start thinking bout what you will do with it gettin lost on the back dirt roads and before you know the list in your head is on the computer or paper - mines is both so I can write prices, plans, what to do when & so on. This journey that has started will not end and will be a lot of fun - headaches inbetween but loads of fun. Im single so I have to be carefull with the cash - but the wives usually say 'Do we really need it?' & you will have to say 'yes as Maintence Chief this will . . . . '

Welcome to the MUD family have fun getting dirty and helping the economy !:flipoff2:

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