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Jul 15, 2012
I have always admired land cruisers, and finally I have one. It its a 1991 fj80, its got some beefy 32s (I think) and aside from a rhino lining it is original with 200k miles. I want to have a mechanic look it over to see what's what, but wanted to ask the crowd if there are"usual" issues that I should be sure they look at. I noticed there is oil on the inboard side of the tires sidewalls. This I am assuming is the CV joints going bad? Any suggestions appreciated.
look at faq's there is more than a days reading there.
Where in tx?
I'd apreciate another pic or two of the tires. I'm about to replace mine, and don't want oversize. From that angle, yours look about right, but maybe it's just the angle.

It's a great looking vehicle otherwise.

Personally, I would advocate visiting all the baselining threads on the FAQ.
If there's goo on the inside of the front tires then you likely need a front knuckle rebuild. It's not oil, but a combo of gear fluid and grease, but pics added to this thread would help confirm.
More pics as requested. I really do not know a bunch but the ball things should have some sort of boot and not drop, right?
Sorry pics now.the tires are 35s i guess there is clearance for the tires. But if in gear at the steering stops I get some clunking clicking sound. Is it those joints?
you need an axle job both seals are leaking

And if you are getting clicking sounds when turning depending on which side it is you will more than likely need a new birf joint as well

I would suggest you do alot of reading on this forum, there is so much info here it will make you dizzy for days if not weeks
The clicking around is the birfields.. They probably need replaced as well.. You are looking at about 1,200 to about 1,500 for a technician to do the job, or if youre mechanically inclined you can do the job yourself.. I don't know where you are from but my guess would be to look in the forum for a technician that's relatively close or a shop that specialists in cruisers..

1995 fzj80 187,000 arb front bumper 285/75 bfg ta ko
Ok I saw on the forum a guy in west Houston who is am enthusiast, maybe he can long do I have before its critical?
Wow. I am going to the faq to find or more. Wish I would have offered less on the truck. I got it because I love them, and had a pretty good idea it would cost a bit however 1500 is on the high end.what does a motor and tranny cost

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