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Oct 8, 2014
Just joined up today. Only mistake is that I've shouldve done it sooner.
I have a 1978 FJ40 which was passed down to me from my father. Started this build in 8th grade with him but as I became more knowledgeable it has since been a lonely project. All work done is by myself with no teaching so I learn the hardways! I'm now 17 and this cruiser is built on saved lunch money and various work I've done over the summer as I have no $$ aid from my parents. I go to Highschool and college part time so it's hard for a job.
Recently joined the Bakersfield Landcruiser Club.
Pro comp lift-33" tires - fj60 gears -original 2f desmogged with headers and a weber - hei distributor.
2f is currently being rebuilt and I'm lucky to be apart of it in my buddies machine shop. Adding a RV cam and had the head milled today .35

Today's project was rhino lining my engine compartment as the previous owner didn't paint the compartment with the outside colors. Stripped to bare metal and sanded with 2000 grit. Primer, 2 coats of liner, and VHT high temp gloss.

It's great to now have people to turn to for questions. This forum is great. I feel as if I'll be the "youngster" of the group as I always am. If you want more pics just ask!






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