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Sep 21, 2003
Hi there!

Welcome to the 100 forum, the place where sophisticated cruiserheads who are interested in the newest technology gather! (Or so we think... :) ) [OP note: OK, OK, it was newest before they came out with the 200....]

Yes, the 40 can go through the narrowest trails, the 55 is so ugly it's cute, the 60/62s are rugged and cavernous, and the 80 is tops for the perfect combo of comfortable road driving and hardcore wheeling....

But the 100 has no match for the best ride on asphalt, dirt roads, washboards and can still be easily modified to do the Rubicon. Plus you get supreme comfort, vastly improved safety, and all the nicer conveniences. Definitely a Must-have!

So enjoy your 100!

Enjoy the forum also, you'll find plenty of good folks who are very knowledgeable about the truck. You will soon be too. Don't hesitate to ask your questions. People will try to help. To make it easy, use a specific thread title so we know whether we can help while perusing the list. Provide all necessary info about your rig and the situation. You may also want to put some basic description of your truck in your signature so we know what you have and can better evaluate the question. Consider making your first thread a combination of self-introduction and a specific tech question if you have one. If you just want to say Hi, that's fine too. Tell us where you are, what rig you have, what sort of wheeling / driving you do and you may be amazed that somebody lives near you with that one tool you need, or knows of the perfect place for you to find your dream camping spot! If you enjoy the site and want to contribute, consider a membership ("star") which has numerous benefits, plus you will earn good Cruiser Karma.

Be sure to read the FAQ and do a serious search before you ask a question. Not only will you avoid being reminded (hopefully nicely) to do so, but you'll also be able to make the question much more pertinent and you'll get better answers if you know what you are talking about a bit when you ask the question. It will also impress favorably the old guys who have seen the same question answered 100 times before... When you do your search, use very specific keywords at first. You may also want to go into "Advanced Search" (a submenu under the Search button up near the top) and limit your search to the 100 forum to avoid being swamped with too many hits.

This is a tech forum. A humorous reply or minor highjack here and there is OK, but stick to Tech stuff overall. If you want to discuss something that's not 100 Tech, this is not the place, use Chat or one of the other forums. Be aware, though, that Chat is a free forum that some folks use as a relief valve, where they will use profanities or talk about topics that many would frown upon or worse. And some of the guys out there in Chat, well..... So stay outta there unless you have a thick skin, look to vent, and /or have bizarre tastes.

Here you'll have to stay civil. Disagreeing on Tech topics with somebody is just fine, but do it politely. Personal attacks or insults will not do.

Have fun here, you will find this is a tight community of good people who will go out of their way to help each other out.

I'm your friendly Mod(erator). Don't hesitate to PM me if you have a question about the forum, etiquette, etc or have a problem with somebody or something.

Again, Welcome! And keep in mind that you have without a doubt the most sophisticated of the "classic" (i.e. not counting the latest model :) ) Land Cruisers ever built! Be proud! Oh, and while we're at it: ours are not "Hundys" and they're not cars, they are 100 (%) series genuwine Landcruisers, and those are *Trucks* :)
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