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Aug 30, 2005
Brevard, NC
Hi folks-

I'm a soon-to-be new TAC member (check's in the mail ;) ). I've spent a few years on mud, but never got around to joining tlca because I didn't have a local chapter. I've just moved to the KC area so now it's much easier to participate. Here's a quick bio-

My name's Andrew Franklin, I've just moved to Bonner Springs KS with my wife Kellie and 1 year old son Aidan. I've got a 1968 FJ40, and plan to purchase a FJC for the wife once our old house sells.

Mods from stock-
2.5" SUA lift springs - unknown origin
33x10.50 Super Swamper Boggers on stock rims
Aussie Locker'd rear
Cut down c-channel front bumper for better approach
p.o.s. bucket seats/torture devices
jeep rear seat - shopping for original jumpseats.

Does the group have any regular informal meetings, ie lunch/dinner @local restaurants, etc? Looking forward to meeting some of you.
sweet rig, welcome---Justin
Great to have you in the area. Welcome.

Nice looking 40.

Where did you guys relocate from?
Welcome andrew:cheers: I agree with the welcome wangon "nice look'n '40".

Does the group have any regular informal meetings, ie lunch/dinner @local restaurants, etc?

There's only one regular meeting in feb as well as a few random lunch hour get togethers in kc for those near by. There's also one brewing in wichita in a few weeks...
Thanks for the welcomes.

We moved from Carthage, MO. It's just east of Joplin (sw MO). Nice area with a lot of 4wheeling opportunities, but the job market's pretty stagnant. The action shot above is from Ozark National Forest near Fayetteville, AR. Myself and another fj40 run down there with a small group of jeeps twice a year at daylight savings time. 3 day trek-style trip across the forest.

Is there a local 4 wheeling spot, closer than KSRocks? I"m not looking for much, just somewhere to do a short "shakedown" run since my 40's sat all winter.
come on over

A few of us will be going down the first weekend in May you should bring the 40 down.:idea:
I've got the original F155 that's pretty tired, and the stock 3 speed trans. Even with the 4.11 gears, mud is an issue. If it's over the hubs, I've got to be in 1 low to spin fast enough to clear the tires. It was never really a problem before because my trips primarily involved very steep/rocky climbs (100-500ft elevation changes) and water crossings. I may have to move the engine rebuild up on the priority list now that I've relocated.

I'd love to take the 40 out, but that's probably a bit far for a first run. I was tinkering today and found a wheel cylinder leak, and I'm having carb issues again :mad: . That stupid Weber will not stay dialed in for more than 3 months at a time. I was thinking more along the lines of a 4x4 friendly creek or public park within an hour of KC. Maybe those only exist in more rural areas?
Welcome Andrew! I'm located south of you on k-7 at 75th Street. You love the TAC...great bunch of folks and very kid friendly.
Come out with us in May..I will likely drive over Saturday with my 5 year old (Will). We are going to take our motorhome if it is out of the shop. I will at least drive over for the day on Saturday and/or Sunday if the camper is not ready. Craig
Are you coming to Tuttle?

Well are you coming to Tuttle next weekend or not?????? Let us know..I plan on bringing my 5 year old wife and 3 year old daught might come, but if they do, it will involve them driving th emini van and probably doing much more shopong than wheeling..they would come back to the camper for dinner and stuff later. Craig
I'd love to, but can't afford to at the moment. I'm still trying to sell my house down in carthage. Until then I'm doing the two mortgage thing- sucks. We had an offer on the house this week but I don't think it's going to work out.

Thanks for the invite though. Hopefully I can make the next one.
Welcome Andrew! Jus remember, don't follow Chris. Or me fer that matter....
So did ya ever wheel over ta SMORR near Semore, MO.? Was jus down that way 4-13, 4-15. Neet ORV park.
I enjoy K-Rocks over Tuttle but go to both several times a year. Also if you are jus wantin to drive country roads check out Greenwood County KS. And then there is the Asher's farm event in June. I think weekend a the 15th????
Nice lookin fj40.

C Ya, Don

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