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    Feb 25, 2007
    Nakusp, BC - in the west Kootenays
    Hi everyone.
    I'm new to this whole business of posting on forums so some advice would be appreciated.
    I started my love affair with Landcruisers in 1976 when I bought a brand new FJ40.
    In 1979 I bought a brand new BJ40, which I still have. When I moved back to BC last year the province wouldn't let me reregister it in BC without a lot of work, more than I had time, tools, and facilities to undertake if I wanted something to drive this winter when the car was snowed in, so in December I bought a 1983 BJ42.
    The 42 has a few mods. SOA done by previous owner, he says he and his buddy rotated front axle and put a truss on the long side, sure looks like the ones Aqualu advertise. Stock steering box replaced by a Saginaw system (stock Toyota pump). Shackle reversal. Haven't had it offroad yet but it highway drives better than the other two 40s ever did. Also has rear disc brake conversion. Don't know if there is a proportioning valve installed like there should be, but have had no problem in compact snow and wet snow. Waiting for some dry pavement and gravel to test panic stops to see how well it really works. PO also changed 3.50 diffs to 4.11 so with 32x10.5s on it the speedo was right on. I put on 33x12.5s from the 40 but the speedo should still be close. He also put some kind of auto-locker in the rear. I would rather have something manual like ARB but this will do for now as long as I am carefull on loose sidehills.
    Problems with new truck:
    SOA has made it too tall for my taste because it still has OME springs with 3-4" lift, I like the springs but would like to get some zero-lift OMEs for it instead.
    Whoever put rear discs in used Malibu(?) calipers, so now no e-brake. I don't like this so I want to change to calipers with built-in e-brake.
    Body is very rusty. I'm working on a very slim budget and have no shop facilities to do a restore in. The body on the 40 has had most of the work done to it to make it at least look good so I think I will do a body swap then change VIN plates so VIN and frame numbers will still match on both vehicles.
    Any suggestion on e-brakes? I can't use the driveshaft from the 40 because it has a complete drivetrain from a 1982 BJ42, and even if it still had the old e-brake, I don't want to lose the 5-speed from the '83
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    Sep 4, 2006
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    Feb 4, 2005
    Seattle, USA
    Hi All:

    Like "TLCruiser66" said, Cadilac (sp.) El Dorado calipers can be swapped-in to get an e-brake on the rear axle assembly.

    Sorry, OME leaf springs are not made in a "stock lift" height. Typically SOA swaps ride pretty well with stock Toyota springs; folks often use the wagon model (55 and 60 Series) leaf springs because these springs are longer which provides more wheel travel.

    Welcome aboard MUD, and good luck with your rigs!

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    Apr 16, 2005
    shouldn't be too hard to find someone willing to trade your lift springs for their stockers though, hell, if you don't mind driving a couple thousand km's I'll trade you for mine, I'd even buy the beer :D
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