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Feb 11, 2021
North Carolina
Howdy folks, here from NC USA. been reading for a little while and seems to be the best place to get advice. This is the rig I just purchased. It came with a 2-1/2 procomp suspension lift. The lift kit is trashed as in worn out. I mainly will be road driving ( dirt and Paved ) as well as some mudding. It came with 35x12.50 16's . I have to upgrade the suspension components as I can hardly keep it in the road. The 80 is very top-heavy and wallows all over the road. I had the wheel bearings replaced ( also shot ) and it helped a little. Now the question is, do I buy a whole new suspension lift or do I delete it and go with a 3" body lift since I have no desire to climb rock with this rig? Body lift would lower the center of gravity and be cheaper. Would it be worth putting a new suspension lift ( expensive ) on a truck that don't need that much ground clearance.? Its a 91 turbo diesel RHD



Jan 19, 2005
South west utah
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Don't body lift more than 1 inch, my 91 had a 2.5" custom body lift and I ended up cracking the body above the pucks in different locations on two separate occasions. These cracks happened as a result of mild offroad driving, not rock crawling.

For your needs I would consider a basic 2" ironman or ome lift.

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