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Jun 3, 2019
Dayton Ohio and Lafollette TN
Been lurking on this site for years. Decided to become a member of this community today. Our family has a 1994 Land Cruiser, we are the third owner we bought it from my buddy back in 2000 how time flies. Has been a beast in the winter snow and getting us around town along with towing the boat to and from TN. Over the summers. Our LC has Leather with 178K or 168K can not remember. Original other than the radio and a few parts as needed. Has gone through brakes over the years, brake lines are rusted out and have been patching them these last few year, A/C has stoped cooling small oil leaks here and there, a small coolant leak leading to the back seat heater have not gotten it patched. Seems like all these leaks started once we parked her at the lake. Was a daily driver for my wife up until 4 years ago. At which time we moved it down to TN. To be a second vehicle at the lake and to put the boat in and out of the lake each season. Has been a great truck for our family over the years. I look forward to being a contributing member of this community and tapping into the vast resources of this community. For some help in keeping this old girl on the road for years to come.
Welcome to MUD :flipoff2:

What are your plans for the truck moving forward? Cruisers like to be driven, they get testy when you let them sit and be ignored.
Welcome. Not just the best cruiser site, but one of the best groups of helpful and informative people I have ever seen.

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