New LX450 owner in Wichita

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Jan 24, 2011
Been lurking on Mud for almost two years now and bought my LX about a year ago. I have it baselined to the point that I'm comfortable now, however I'm due for a front axle service(no service history) and don't have a garage at my place. Does any one have a suggestion for a mechanic in the Wichita area that I can trust to do the job right. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
Now that I'm back in town I might be able to help. I've got a garage it'll fit in and would be happy to assist or perform the frontendectomy. Shoot me a PM or give me a ring.
3 eight 6 four 5 three 3 eight 2 six I'm still on vacation so I'm around most anytime of day.

no hydro asset or 3-link yet, the boss wants the bike back up and running before the LC can have a few new goodies. If you'd like to pick up the 63" chevy bits we can certainly take care of that this summer.
Depending on schedule, I may be able to give a hand.

I did my front end a few years ago. I needed new spindles, I put it off so long. In fact, I probably should get in there and reset the preload again.

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