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Mar 14, 2010
i found another way to deal with the 6 inches lift, i bought this kit the ride and handling changed dramatically... with this pices i corrected the angles of inclination , withthe rear panhard kit the axle is no more moved to the right side, now is centered. With the front one the caster angle return to the original point give me your opinions..
fron con2.jpg
rear panhard 2.jpg
autana 3.jpg
Which 6 inch lift are you using? And, which kit are you referring? What problems did you have with the ride before you installed your kits.
Are those man-a-free brackets? Looks good to me.
The rear panhard rod doesn't look like a bad solution, but for the front radius arms I personally like Slee's & Landtanks solutions better where you just rotate the front axle more with their plates - keeps the arms tucked up further, helping breakover on what to me are long wheelbase vehicles.

However if what you use your 80 for is more expedition style VS. rockcrawling / major suspension articulation, then that's a fine way to go too.

Nice looking 80 - I like your FT bumper.

Are you an Aussie? Just a guess looking at the 80.

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