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Jul 7, 2008
Hudson Valley, NY
Hey folks.....Happy New Year to all,

So, there's a couple things that have really bothered me in my old age 1. Driving at night with inadequate lighting on my 16' 4runner (low beams specifically)....2. The reach of all my additional LED off road lighting, it just never reached out to where I wanted too. Now to start, historically I haven't spent a lot of money to upgrade anything, and I know the technology has improved, but so has the pricing....I could never find that happy medium....till now! This s going to be a bit lengthy, but I believe this may bring some helpful information to folks like me that don't want to spend a lot, and don't want to screwed on junk either.

I'll start with the low beams. I never heard of this company, but read about them. Everything, for the most part, that I ever read about replacement LED bulbs really brought the meh:meh:.

I started to read about the reviews on this company, and was blow away by the amount....I felt I couldn't go wrong.

WOW was I blown away with the absolutely unbelievable difference!! I'm going to put some before and afters....the cut off is amazing! I know people are spending a whole lot more entire headlight replacements to get this.

This before...
auxito1before (2).jpg
auxito2before (2).jpg

After.....(I know, the truck was a bit closer to door

auxito1 after (2).jpg
auxito2after (2).jpg

Clearly the length of lighting is longer and wider....I will definitely be purchasing the high beams!!

The cut off...superb!



Next was off road lighting. I almost always buy the Auxbeam, always a great price, decent quality.....but even the spots never reached out like I thought they would. Then I found Lasfit...really cutting edge products, and priced extremely fair for the quality you get. I opted for the 3" in yellow/ spot. You can tell by the packaging the are a real step up from the Auxbeam stuff...a really nice, streamlined look, in a very petite package. I picked the location simply because it helped to "hide" the 4runner's "nostrils" in the front (which I never particularly cared for). I don't know how far they reach out, but probably 3 times farther then anything I ever owned. I'll post a decent nightime pic once I get them adjusted against somewhere flat and level. FYI I panted them silver, as all my lights are. For the price I am stunned how great they create a true "spot" beam.

lasfit1 (2).jpg
lasfit2 (2).jpg
lasfit3 (2).jpg

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