New Head unit, no dash lights!

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Aug 5, 2013
Hello All, I recently replaced the head unit in a 97 LC "Limited addition." This particular vehicle had the high end radio with the external amp and the two way (woofer in door tweeter in dash) system. This vehicle also had the wiring harness plugs for the other stereo system. I used the plugs for the system that bypass the factory amp, (dual plug system verses single plug.) New system sounds great with factory speakers, FM reception is 5 times better, but the kicker is no more dash lights?? With a wiring diagram I could track it down. Any help, links, or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Have you checked all your fuses?
Aftermarket radio? It's likely that the black- green illumination wire is shorted to ground, popping your fuse
Be sure that the dimmer control isn't turned down also.

You need to remove (or unplug) the factory amp too.

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