New GX460 and 2nd Row Seat ?

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Nov 4, 2007
Anchorage, AK
Does anyone know if taking out the 2nd row seats requires using the diode for the airbag sensor like the 470 to keep the airbag light off? I so rarely have people in the back I am thinking of removing the 2nd row and keeping the 3rd in since it is already nice and flat.

Was looking at GX and LX models and finally jumped on an 2011 Gx460 with 60k, got it before the dealer had even gotten pics up on the website. Interior is almost perfect besides some driver's seat wear and has the great color combo of Claret Mica with Sepia interior.

Already pulled off the running boards, figuring out what to do for a roof rack (AK shipping is a killer), skid plates will probably be done soon, never had them on my 3rd Gen 4Runner but clearance was a bit higher. Looking more like a truck with the running boards off, probably will be deleting some of the chrome, it's a little too shiny for me. Will mostly be a daily driver/gravel road vehicle for the time being, still have the 3rd Gen for harsher trails.

Thanks for all the info in threads on what to look for in on used vehicles!

Yep, you will need to do the diode mod.

My build thread.

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