New Drive shaft

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Mar 31, 2005
Sooke, BC, Canada
Well boys, I finally did something to my truck. Here it is my new custom D/S, using 1350 u-joints, 7 inch slip, adapters for toyota flanges. Very well made by Royce at ITC. I highly recommend. One thing I got to fix is the holes at T/C. Adapters where drilled to square pattern. Here are the picks. I'll start with the carnage of the old shaft.
Very stout there Jay. I dont you'll be able to break that no matter what.

now thats some bling... what did that run ya??
what are the adapters made out of..
The adapters look like Stainless Steel. The tube is 1/4" too. It cost 600. Well worth it though. The adapters bolt from both sides with fine thread bolts
thats a fair price for a custom shaft... stainless adapters .. really.. thats interesting... seems like everytime i use a stainless bolt i end up cutting it off do to the threads stripping on me.. could be a different series of stainless though..

it looks sweet man...
Looks good Jay.

don't thread stainless together to stainless... long term isn't good.
it could be the cheap stainless bolts that i use from work.. :D
it could be the cheap stainless bolts that i use from work.. :D

yeah stainless is weird stuff sometimes. almost like it's sticky, which make the threads gall up.

total pissoff when you're threading a new bolt together and it galls and you cant get the nut on or off...

we always neversneezed the s*** out of them on the boats. seems to help.

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