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Apr 5, 2005
Trying to redo a 64 fj45 right now and as many of you know the bolts are no good anymore for the most part. I know it was talked about along tome ago on here but cannot find anything on it, where can i find alot of metric bolts and nuts, i know about fastenal, but is there anyone else out there ? Anyone dealt with any good companies out there.

ditto on bolt depot - I went full SS - pricey but worth it for the long haul - bought but the 100's and saved a few coins
what are the most common bolt sizes (diam and length) if one was going to buy them by the boxes?
Hmm... I've been replacing a lot of bolts on my 65.

I would go check out you local little hardware store first.

The local True Value/Ace Hardware/Coast to Coast (store changed names a lot) has always carried a large variety of metric and standard nuts, bolts and washers in grades from 2 to 8.

I bet I have bought $300 worth since I started wrenching on the FJ.

Like G_Stratton mentioned; Ace Hardware carries a lot of metric stuff. U can order special bolts too! 10mm and 12mm are the most used. Also, where 5mm is used u can drill these out and retread to 6mm with hex head; instead of Phillips head. Buy SS & silicon grease them when installing.

SOR carries some spcl kits that they have made up. They are useful, expensive; which is why I chose Ace Hardware. Don't forget washers and lock washers.

dfmorse said:

10mm and 12mm are the most used.

Wouldn't those be 6x1.0mm and 8x1.25mm diameter fasteners?

With a JIS fastener, 10 and 12mm would be the wrench size for these...

wesintl said:
Metric is one thing but JIS is another.. I hate looking for a 13mm in my tool box

organize it.... ;)
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The problem with the non-JIS is replacing some, but not all of the fasteners. Then you have to keep switching sockets/wrenches etc. while working on the same part.
I never knew it was called JIS, but it sure is a PITA when your replacement bolts need a different socket.

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