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May 15, 2011
Howdy all,

Just purchased my first Landcruiser about 2 weeks ago and have been lurking around since then. I have yet to actually see the rig (I am currently in China), but my brother in law is really enjoying driving it around. :doh:

It is a green 96 with lockers and leather and apparently is pretty nice. My nephews cry when they take any vehicle other than the cruiser out for anything. I think I might have an issue picking it up when I visit in June.

I have not owned an offroad vehicle since I was about 20 and have been excited looking forward to this vehicle for months before I finally found one that fit the bill.

My first mod is going to be the center diff lock switch and maybe some BFG AT tires, but past that, I am not sure. Bumper? OME lift (mild)? Lights? Gonna be using it to pull quads mostly, but still want to be able to have fun.

I will post pics once I get to see my baby.

welcome! x2 on pics.

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