New 80 owner

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Apr 29, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
Well I missed out on Croz's 80 due to a family illness, so I had to start looking again for a LC. I found a bone stock 97 with lockers and 109,000 miles in mint condition so I jumped on it. Best part was that it spent its whole life in Portland, and the owner lived one mile from my cousin, who is a care dealer. So he checked it out and took it to his Toyota guy to look over. He also shipped it to me for only $200! It is incredibly clean and runs very well. I just rebuilt the starter contacts and put a new battery in it for peace of mind. While I was at it, I replaced the dreaded Pesky Heater Hose (PHH) - ok ok Lexwoody replaced my PHH because I was too damn clumsy to reach way up in the engine bay.

The plan was to fairly quickly build it into a very solid wheeler on either 35's or 37's. My fiancee started driving it because she sold her last car and we were looking into a Prius. Well that all backfired on me as she LOVES the cruiser. At first she couldn't get over how "1990 ish" it looked. She doesn't get the whole built like a tank, solid axles, lockers thing. Then she drove it. Now she doesn't want a Prius and doesn't want me to build it up. That sure backfired on me. Oh well. We are real happy with and can't get over how solid it feels and how comfortable it is. And yes, the running boards are already gone. So now I have a well built 4Runner and a nice LC. Life is good!








If you wanna give her a commuted try early Honda Insights or a 1999-2003 Jetta TDI diesel with a 5 speed.. Best gas mileage savers for little money IMO.

Also welcome. The 80 stock will get you almost anywhere anyways so its all good :)
You need to change angle and convince her she will like it more built. If she doesn't go for it, she's not a girl worth having. :hillbilly:

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