new 80 owner w problem

Oct 23, 2007
Now have a great 97... 80. Pics will follow.....Problem drove it yesterday (bought Sat) and heard the dredded rumble of a dry spindle:crybaby:(or so I read here on this forum). Had some time today removed wheel and caliper and cap,and next part? c clip and could see hub nuts and lock washer. Grease appears brand new. :)When grabbing end of birf it will move in a small circle and in and out slightly. Is this normal?? Did I ruin something ,spindle? Had to stop at hub nuts I need a hub socket. Is it 57 mm ? and where is a good place to get one? Thanks in advance

PS done this b4 on my 40 but cannot remenber if birf was moveable while nuts etc still on.
Apr 1, 2006
Central PA
NAPA sells that socket too, as does snap-on and many mobile tool sellers. As far as i can tell they are all the same, stamped steel, not cast, about $20. This is the hub socket style, the sears version is a cast socket and is kinda thick walled but should work.

Not sure what to tell you about the play...

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