New 4runner owner with some questions

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May 9, 2010
i just got my hands on a clean 1998 4runner limited

the car sat for a while

i was thinking of doing the 30k service on the car

tranny fluid/filter

transfer case fluid

rear and front diff fluid.....

the car has 68k on you thinking doing the 30k service is a good idea?? i generally didnt change my tranny fluid on my other vehicles for about 60k...and i know alot of manufacturers you shouldnt even change the fluid.....

soo... is this a bad idea?? i plan on towing a small boat with this truck it runs great im in the process of doing the brakes right now....

how strong is the rear in this truck?? should i upgrade it??

i'm also planning on putting new springs/struts in the car....i want a stock ride height but wouldnt mind somthing beefier..... it worth putting a intake/exhaust/ and some sort of chip in this thing???

thanks guys sorry for the long post i hope i get some anwsers:cheers:
A service is never a bad idea. The rear end is a 4 pinion 8". About as strong as a Dana 44. I tow a 4k trailer. You can get a bit of power from the deck plate mod. A bit more from headers. For a real bump you'd need to supercharge. See for ideas or Google.
I agree - unless the PO had documentation of servicing the fluids, I would flush everything and replace all fluids. Then you know for sure where everything sits.

I think you'll have a tough time upgrading springs in the truck without getting some amount of lift. OME offers a "stock/light load" spring that gives about 1" over stock.
I agree with jacket on changing fluids unless you can get some records.
A person can also take a look at the fluids and see what they look like.
Perhaps consider flushing the coolant as well.
Maybe check the power steering fluid and brake fluid as well and if they look bad that might also be a consideration.

Or hey if the fluids don't look ugly just drive the sucker!

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