Need OC mechanic recommendation

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Oct 28, 2007
Even though I do all of my own servicing, I have to accept the fact that right now I don't have the time to deal with the latest leak.

Anyone have a trustworthy and AFFORDABLE OC area mechanic that can address my rear pinion seal leak and swap out the Ujoints while he's under there?

Any idea what that kind of job should cost? I need to take care of it because I've got that nasty smelling diff oil coating the whole back end of the chassis and I'm tired of topping off the diff oil all the time.

Duncan's Auto in Orange off Batavia Ave.

Talk to Greg Duncan, he's the owner. Tell him Dave Druck sent you.

Been going there for 20+ years. My whole family. He's the most honest mechanic
we've ever met. If something doesn't need fixing he lets you know, he doesn't search
for things that don't need repairing and waste your money. He also has very fair pricing
and treats his customers well. On more than one occasion he's fixed items for free that
only took a few minutes and he didn't feel right charging us.

We also take our work vehicles there. Highly recommend him.
That's excellent. I'll call him today...
Called them - they don't handle rear ends. Any other suggestions?
i know of a guy but he's down in san marcos.
Just called yotmasters. The labor quote for the rear pinion seal and replacing all four ujoints is $340. How does that sound? Seems pretty good to me.
Yeah, at this time I'm so busy that $340 seems like a small price to pay to have someone get under there for me.

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