Need help with a Belleview winch

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Mar 28, 2010
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Howdy all,
I have a 6000 LB Belleview that needs some serious attention

1st, its missing the entire brake assy. Any parts out there?
2nd, it is winch IN only, no power out. Is there a way to circumvent the one way winch operation?

I would love to post a pic soon........still learning the rules of the forum.
thanks in advance,
Also I forgot to ask if any one could date the thing by the serial# ?
4731867 is stamped into the data plate as the serial no., the gear rat. is 136-1 it is 12v. Made in Portland Oregon.

Anything helps.
thanks, that was the only info I was able to find on here or any where for that mater. (gues I should have mentioned that earlier), my appologies

I did see that a few weeks ago, and so far unable to find any
in-roads for the parts I'm searching for. but I have "bookmarked" it for future ref. when a rebuild may be needed.

I suppose a complete parts winch, or a machene shop to make the parts I need would be about my only option so far, but I'll keep on looking.

Did you call these two?
Clemson 4WD Center
Hwy. 123 South
Clemson, SC 29633

4 WD Center of Minnesota
5711 West 36th St.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
800-622-0781 (in state)
800-328-4445 (out of state)
612-927-4500 (fax)

You can also ask Warn if they know who is supplying parts for them.

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