Need help to match interior liner (1 Viewer)

Jun 26, 2020
Houston, TX
I've have a FJ with some type of rubberized liner in the interior floor. It had a clutch master leak and had some long term contact with brake fluid so there are some coverage holes. I need some help identifying the product so i can try to repair part of it. I ended up chasing a few rust areas around the entire pedal area so I've currently uncovered the floor of the pedal area so i'd need to patch about less than 2 square feet.

It's less than 1/8 thick, but it has some decent texture and is very tough to peel/scrape off. It stretches and tears like rubber vs chipping. Any ideas on what the product was so i could try to match it?

I bought a spray can of Herculiner to try, but it doesn't seem near as tough/rubbery as existing. I don't think it's Monstaliner, Raptor, or Xliner because it's not hard to the touch. Maybe Rhino...

Any Ideas?


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