Need Help Getting a Trailer from LA Area to CM `07

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Apr 1, 2007
Northern Arizona
I'm looking for someone that could pick up a trailer in Camarillo, CA. Then, either, drop it off here in Chinle, AZ on their way to CM `07 or take it to Moab and I'd come get it from there. Chinle, AZ is on US 191 about 3 1/2 hours south of Moab. E-mail me at

The trailer is a M416. It can be towed with either a pintle hook or a 2" ball. The wiring has a standard trailer 4 pin connector.

Thanks, Kevin
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You might want to also post this in the MUDship section. Double your chances of getting someone possibly. Good luck.
Thanks Alan,

I posted there first and got the recommendation to post in the CA clubs to increase my chances for assistance.
:bounce: I got the trailer. A friend of mine brought it back from LA for me. Thanks all! :grinpimp: :cheers:

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