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Mar 15, 2015
I have been working though a series of unfortunate situations and I am trying to get a build done. The sad truth is that due to a life situation I had to pre-pay a fab shop ($1,200 back, $800 front) to build my front and back bumpers. I have offered more actually, the issue is just getting ANYTHING to happen. Unbeknownst to me I hired someone super talented and awesome that has taken many people. It seemed a deal at the time I am still waiting 9 months later...Although there has been some progress. There have been several reasons for the delays, mostly personal issues and a dad that was fighting cancer. This is the reason I have allowed the charade to go on.

I am about to give up and simply ask for the parts kits.

The bumpers, front and back are being made from a kit gotten from a place I can't seem to find on the web, something like Northwest something...The shop ordered both the FRONT and BACK bumpers as pre-cut parts. The one think I was asking changed is that I wanted the back modified to have both a trailer hitch and a winch. The winch is to be mounted on a place that has been placed where the spare tire was at. He got as far as grinding the hole for the winch mount and essentially stopped.

Question: Trying to remember the name of that fab shop that makes bumpers in Tacoma WA I think it is.
Question: How much money is reasonable to pay to get those put together (off truck)
Question: What is reasonable to pay to install the back springs, should I do them now (I've go them)

My back tires, KM3s are seeming to wear terribly and I think it's the worn out shocks. It could be that i've done a bit of highway driving. I am wondering if the new shocks will help them wear more evenly.

The last excuse was that the shocks were bad on the back. I ordered the OME heavy springs, and OME shocks for the back.
Question: My sway bar hanger is bent, will the lift from those springs require a different sway bar linkage?
Question: will the heavy springs cause issues if installed without the heavy bumper to offset?
Question: The spring base plate is bent. Possibly I overloaded with a trailer while moving. Do I need something new welded? Can you just buy that part? Bend Back?

I have not bought new shocks for the front yet, I am wanting to get something other then OME because everyone says they are too harsh. I do a fair amount of highway driving.

My plan for the front is that I want to get some upper control arms, heavy torsion bars and some kind of shock that can use the extra droop of the control arms and perhaps not kill me on the highway.

Question: Ideas on shocks are appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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