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Sep 2, 2012
Ashland, OR
Does anyone know the part # or name for the oil cooler hose clip that attaches to the DS of the fan shroud? Just broke mine today. TIA
you sure its oil cooler hose? Do you see it on here?
Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 12.47.07 AM.png
Pretty sure? The hose is not connected to the radiator in any way, just to a clip that snaps on to the side of the fan shroud on the DS side. I don't see it on that diagram (looked at that same one and others) but I don't think that's showing any of the AT cooler stuff. The FSM refers to the thing I'm talking about as an "oil cooler hose" (step c):

Broke mine this past week also doing a radiator R&R. Dealer could not find the part number. Maybe it comes with a new shroud. I ended up using 2 tie wraps and I think it will be fine.
Does that clamp hold anything on a 1FZ-FE? I have the clamp on my LX, but nothing in it.
Guessing it's one of the power steering cooler lines, no idea where to get the clip. Zip ties are my usual go-to.
I think it may be this part - 90464-00166.

It's this plastic clamp thing that goes around the hose and has a little nub on it that snaps into a metal clip (90468-10034) that's fastened to the fan shroud.

@verruckt1 - does this look like the one to you?


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